Kids in Prague

Kids Indoor Playground & Babysitting at Palac Flora, Prague 3

Indoor Playgrounds on 17 December 2012 by Larissa


When my daughter was young we used to often visit the indoor play areas for a break away from home and to interact with new kids and new toys. Now I have two kids and they are both over 3 and these days the playgrounds are really handy for entertaining my kids whilst I run around - particularly pre-christmas. They love it too - it’s a treat, not a punishment so a win-win situation for us all!

The kids playground has moved 3 times in the time that Vinohrady’s Palac Flora shopping centre has opened. I’d say that their latest location will be their final resting place as it’s quiet, contained and out of the way. They may not have the business they once had when the playground was in the middle of the food court area but the location is better suited and more peaceful for the kids and the babysitters. With it’s close proximity to the Cinema I bet quite a few parents are nipping out to catch a movie or have a meeting in one of the cafes nearby.


Like other indoor playgrounds, if your child is 3 and over you can leave them supervised with the babysitter, otherwise under 3’s are welcome with a parent. There are usually a couple of mums with younger ones as well as a few kids over 3. The space is not particularly large but it has a lot of toys in good condition plus a ball pit and slide and a tv showing cartoons (when children ask). When I came back to collect my kids they had 2 medical kits they were running around with diagnosing various animals and dolls - it was a struggle to remove them from the playground, maybe we have a couple of future Doctors?

My daughter completed a giant puzzle on her last visit, with assistance from the babysitter - depending on the babysitter and how busy they are, they can be very friendly and hands on entertaining the kids. There is also a craft project for kids to create everyday that is themed to calendar events and the season. Events are also held, we were there the day after Mikulas had visited the playground so my kids got a bonus bag of treats when they left. They also have a couple of small theatre shows too, you’ll find a listing of daily events for each month at the entrance to the playground and on the website.


Now finding the playground should be explained. You need to go right to the top floor and then when facing the cinemas - on your left side you will see a colourful mural with ‘detsky koutek’ spelt out and an arrow pointing to a corridor on the left - follow this labyrinth for quite a while until you come to a marked door - behind the door is the playground. Here you’ll find lockers, snack machines and there is also a toilet too.


You’ll need to sign your child in, they will then be recorded into the computer for future visits. The form is also in English and they basically need the child’s name, date of birth, address and your mobile number so they can contact you. You then get a locker for your kids things to be stored in, remember that kids will need to take off their shoes so they will need socks or indoor shoes - easy to remember in winter - not so easy to remember in summer! The current price per child is: 0-60 min 41czk; 61-75 min 47czk; 76-90 min 52czk; 91-105 min 58czk; 106-120 min 81czk; 121-135 min 92czk; 136-150 min 104czk; 151-180 min 115czk.

OPEN: Every day 10:00 till 21:00

ADDRESS: Vinohradska 151, Prague 3

TELEPHONE: 736 678 932

DIRECTIONS: Take the A line to Metro station Flora; Take tram no’s 5, 11, 10 & 16 to Flora; By Car: Palac Flora has free parking for 1 hour on the weekdays and 3 hours on the weekend, additional hours are charged at 50CZK/per hour. If you buy something in the mall for over 100kc you will get 3 hours free parking but you will need to present your receipt and parking ticket to either reception on the 3rd floor or the KMP Carwash on -2nd floor.