Kids in Prague

Království Železnic (Railway Kingdom), Prague 5

Activities on 30 March 2011 by Darina


They promised the biggest display of train models in the whole of the Czech Republic. And, they didn’t lie. Passing by the building at Andel, I never knew there is such a huge showroom underground. I am not kidding when I say that I was overwhelmed.

It wasn’t just 1 or 2 towns with train models going around. It’s the whole of the Czech Republic with all the important towns replicated in miniature.


Apart from this impressive display there is another section displaying cartoon trains. Whatever your kid is into it is here. Thomas the tank engine, Chuggington etc. etc.


It is in the building right next to the Andel Hotel. Firstly, you will see a Toy Shop with trains and cars mainly. This where you buy your tickets. We found out the hard way, firstly going all the way down, having to return upstairs for the tickets.

After you enter there are lockers where you can leave all your stuff, coats and bags. Its very handy. From this point you will be a guest in a miniature world. What you see upstairs is nothing comparing to what you will see when going downstairs. Therefore – save some energy!


There is a little resting area with chairs downstairs as well as playroom. Its nice, but there is not much to it. They have plenty of Lego and Duplo and that’s about it. We call it a pit stop. Its handy to get distracted from the trains for a while.


The whole display takes a lot of concentration so don’t be disappointed when your child strats drifting away. It is really big and even I had had enough of trains and tiny details in approximately half of our visit. There are no refreshments and no food available so be ready and take snacks.


It is magnificent someone spend all this time to create this miniature world. I especially admire it since with my nail tips I could not even connect one train to another.

From my experience, it was nice to see, but my boys are still a little too young at 4 and 5 and I am not sure they were truly into it. I would return there with them when they are bigger. I am 100% sure they did not appreciate it the way it deserves. If it was for free, sure, why not. But it wasn’t and the entrance price wasn’t small.


If you have girls, oh well. As a part of education why not, but there is nothing for little ladies. Then again, Larissa’s daughter Lucie (5) is a train nut and has visited this display a couple of times. This excursion would be great in combination with lunch at the brilliant Vytopna Restaurant right on Wenceslas Square.

OPEN: Every day 9:00 to 19:00

ADDRESS: Stroupežnického 21, Prague 5

DIRECTIONS: Easily reached by public transport and by car. You can park underneath in the huge car park at Novy Smichov Shopping Mall. The first 3 hours are free, on weekends the first 5 hours are free. By Metro take the yellow B line to station ANDEL. Or trams 4, 7, 9, 10, 12 to tram stop ANDEL.