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Top 5 Summer-Time Activities with Kids in Prague

Swimming Activities, Activities, Useful Information on 20 August 2010 by Karen


Prague is absolutely beautiful during this time of year. The days are long, warm and sunny and there is no shortage of outdoor activities to pursue with children of all ages. I often prefer to leave the car behind and use the city’s very efficient public transport where children up to the age of 10 travel free. Here is a list of the top 5 things that I like to do with the kids here in the summer. So, get out there with the kids and enjoy summer in Prague!


This is the best thing to do on a hot and sweltering day. Just grab your swimmies, towels, hats and suntan lotion and check out one or more of the many outdoor swimming facilities which are scattered all around the city. Along the banks of the river Vltava, you will find 2 beach-like complexes (on opposing sides of the river). One is Zlute Lazne (with pools for the under 5-year-olds) and Smichovska Plaz or beach ( Both of these facilities are equipped with lovely white sand and possibly provide the closest ‘beach’ atmosphere in this land-locked country.

If sand-free swimming pools, grassed lawns and water slides are more your thing, then click on ‘Swimming Activities’ on our website, for an extensive list.



Prague has some quite amazing public gardens right in its centre. Often hidden behind a tall wall, they are an oasis of peace and greenery. Some even contain children’s playgrounds. The best gardens to visit are Frantiskanska Garden, just off Wenceslas Square (which also has a new, extended playground) and Vojanovy Sady (u Luzickeho Seminare Street, Mala Strana), which is located across the river, on the Prague castle side. If you’d just like to take a walk with your kids through a lovely city garden (sans a playground), then I can also recommend Vrbtovska Zahrada (garden), on Karmelitska Street no: 25, which is just a 3 minute walk from St. Nicholas Church in Malostranske Square ( Then thre is the stunning Valdstejnska Zahrada (Letenska Street, Mala Strana) near Klarov (5-minute walk from Charles Bridge). If you’d rather do something a lot more active with the kids, like scootering or bike riding then head for Stromovka Park or Letna Park, where they can go absolutely wild.

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This provides for more controlled fun for kids with bikes, trikes or scooters. All traffic rules playgrounds are fully enclosed with benches, toilets and even coffee shops. Many contain little playgrounds and sandpits etc for non-bike riding kids to play in. The 3 main traffic rules playgrounds in Prague are located in , Prague 3 (Zizkov), Prague 6 (Vypich), Prague 9 (Prosek) and Prague 7 near Letna – still to be reviewed by Each of these has different opening times during the school holidays and school year. Some only open in the afternoons and some may not be open on weekends. Hence it’s important that you check the website of each before making the trip. The most modern (and my personal favourite) is in Prague 9. Here, one can even hire bikes and automated cars!

Here are the opening times in a nutshell: Prosek, Prague 9: 1st July- 31st August: Mon-Fri; 10am-7pm. From 1.9-30.9 also open on Sat &Sun from 10am-7pm. Also, from 1.9-31.10 open on weekdays: Mon, Fri & Wed: 8am-1pm. Tue & Thu: 8am-3pm. Vypych, Prague 6: 1.7-31.8: open every day from 9am-8pm. 1.9-31.10: open every day from 9am-7pm except on Mon-Fri at: 8.30am-12.30pm, 14.30pm.



What a gem this is! A fully enclosed playground/outdoor activities facility for kids of all ages with basketball courts, climbing walls, beach volleyball, football and fantabulous water and sand canals that offer kids hours of fun in the sun.Be sure to bring a hat and a towel as well as a change of clothes for the little once, as it can get a bit messy with the water and sand play. There is a playground and a restaurant and snack bar as well. It is quite fun to sit on the grassed area as the kids play, so I’d bring a towel or picnic blanket to make your backside a bit mroe comfy. For more information on exact opening times please click on:



My 9-year old boy just loves coming here. Rushing down the 1km long track at up to 62km/h - this is definitely one for the adrenalin seekers. It is located in the northern part of Prague in district 9 and is open from early till late every single day of the year. You will find a playground at the front of the complex and a restaruant and grill as well as a cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating on the premises. For a map, and complete price list, please click on:

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This list is by no means exhaustive. You’ll get many more ideas by browsing through our web pages.