Kids in Prague

Zlute Lazne Outdoor Swimming, Prague 4

Swimming Activities on 06 August 2008 by Larissa


The area of most interest to families is the children’s swimming pool and playground. When you enter Zlute Lazne walk down the stairs and make a left turn along the road. Towards the end of this road there is the ticket office where you pay to enter.

It’s really hard to explain Zlute Lazne. On the one hand you can go and play volley ball or if you prefer you can watch sport on tv at one of the riverside bars. You can eat at stylish outdoor restaurants (Japanese or Greek) or order a range of fast food from huts and sit alongside the sunbathers. Rather appealing to parents is ordering a Mohito from your own Fijian style bure (hut). These are thoughtfully placed on top of clean white sand so kids are happy playing with their sand toys right at your feet. I guess my friend summed it up nicely when she said “it’s like taking a mini holiday from Prague”, it really does feel like you are on vacation miles from the city.


Once inside you will notice a pool with small paddle boats for kids to paddle around in, they remind me of dodgem cars as the pool is small and the boats built for bumping into each other - which kids love! There is also wooden playground equipment spread throughout, plus a teepee and some creative sculptures that kids can climb on and interact with. The area has plenty of shady trees and a paved seating area that is under shelter (perfect for lunches and snacks). The main swimming pool is about 50cm deep and has an upper and lower area that kids can slide down and climb up.


The upper pool has a fountain as well as a waterfall/shower too. My daughter loves it here, the water depth is perfect for her age (2) although we’ve been here with kids as old as 7 and they’ve enjoyed the physical challenges sliding and climbing up between pools, as well as the paddle boats. I enjoy getting totally wet splashing around in the shallow water but you can just roll up your clothes and still remain dry in the pool whilst supervising your child.


We’ve had a few picnics here on the lawns but if you forget anything or need water or ice cream then there is a snack bar on-site that serves hot dogs, fries and all the typical snacks that you’d expect to see. The kids area is also nice for watching the river boats that go by and it’s reassuring having the whole area safely fenced. Daily programs are offered on site for an additional fee, you can find out what is happening on the website but the information is only in Czech.


The entry price from 8am till 3pm is 180 CZK for adults and children (over 100cm) and from 3pm till 8pm its 90 CZK for adults and children (over 100cm). Children under 100cm are free.


Photos courtesy of Darina :-)

OPEN: 8am till 8pm

ADDRESS: Podolske nabrezi, Prague 4 (Podoli)

DIRECTIONS: Take tram numbers 21, 16, 17 or 3 to tram stop Dvorce.