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BrumBambule Indooor Playground & Birthday Venue, Prague 8

Indoor Playgrounds, Birthday Venues and Ideas on 18 March 2014 by Darina


I can only imagine how funny the name of this Indoor Playground must be for foreigners. It’s been opened for some time now and we finally went to check it out. It was during that really windy weekend and it seemed to me that half of Prague was there. So when you see the pictures - don’t be put off by the crowd. It was exceptionally packed on this day and I have been told by the manager, it doesn’t look like that normally.


Brumbambule Indoor Playground is in the middle of an industrial zone in what was once a factory. It reminded me of Lefik Indoor Playground that shut down last year.

Entering there wasn’t very inviting. Firstly, it wasn’t so visible and we drove right past it. There isn’t any banner outside on the main street or a hint. You have to drive into the Industrial zone through a gate marked 9a and you will see Brumbambule on your right.


It doesn’t seems so from the outside, but it is quite big, equipped with huge climbing frames, several slides, trampolines and a Toddlers area. My boys really appreciated the football ground within the climbing frames. I strongly recommend taking your own ball to avoid hassle with other kids.


Without hesitation I went onto the climbing frames with my kids as did many other parents, yet my husband was disqualified straight away because there is a weight limitation of max. 90 kg.


You have to take into consideration that this is a typically Czech set-up. Apart from basic food, cakes, snacks and soft drinks, they serve beer and wine… which would be unacceptable in many countries. Yet - it made many fathers happy, who could sip their beer on a Sunday afternoon whilst making their kids happy at the same time.


I also would like to mention “Malinovka” - a raspberry soda which is a Czech specialty. It is very popular all over the country and here they have it on tap. Something every foreigner should try once.


There is really nowhere to go and the closest shopping mall would be Fenix in Prague 8. Yet they are now running trial babysitting services. In Czech its called: Hlidani Deti. I cannot guarantee that the babysitters speak any other languages than Czech. That you would have to enquire about.

Babysitting is provided as follows: Mo-Fri: 9:00 - 13:00, costs 49czk + entrance fee. Weekends: 99czk + entrance fee. They reserve the right to decline you in case their capacity of 10 Kids per 1 staff member is filled. In the case that you don’t pick your child up till 13:00 on work days, they charge an extra 99czk for every extra hour. When leaving your child you will have to fill in a form which you will have to present when you pick up your child.


Birthday Celebrations:
As with every Indoor Playground, Brumbambule has an offer for Birthday parties. That we have not tried personally but the day we visited there were 3 party groups. You can either have the table by the toddlers area and bar - which I strongly recommend to families with smaller kids - or you will get a table in the other corner of the Indoor Playground by the end of the big climbing frame.

The minimum number of kids for a birthday party is 4. The maximum isn’t stated. :-)


Birthday packages:
1. Zluta (yellow) Bambule - 1 child cost: 209czk (Mo-Tu, disscouted to 179czk)
Includes: entrance fee, decorated table, soda 0,3l for each child, present for the Birthday Kid

2. Cervena (red) Bambule - 1 child cost: 225czk (Mo-Tu, discounted to 199czk)
Includes: entrance fee, decorated table, soda 0,3l for each child, present for Birthday Kid, toast for each Kid

3. Barevna (colourful) Bambule - 1 child cost: 289czk (Mo-Tu, discounted to 249czk)
Includes: entrance fee, decorated table, soda 0,3l for each child, present for Birthday Kid, 1 pizza for every 2 Kids

They also provide Birthday Cakes for 600czk with their logo and Birthday childs name, or you can order any cake you wish for an extra fee. They accept credit cards and one week before the birthday party you have to send them 1000czk deposit to their bank account, or come in person one week ahead and pay on the spot.


Additionally, you can also order food and refreshments such as: a chocolate fountain, cheese and ham platter, canapes, fruit bowl as well as a clown-animator and photographer.

You can use Brumbambule themed invitations downloaded from the bottom of this page:
Named: Pozvánka na oslavu narozenin – styl 1 Pozvánka na oslavu narozenin – styl 2


ADDRESS: Kolbenova 9a, Prague 9

OPEN: Mo-Sun: 9:00-20:00

DIRECTIONS: By Metro to Metro station: Kolbenova and walk towards BRENO Carpets, Tram No.: 16 to Kolebnova Tram stop - right in front of it.

Whole day Wednesday - Sunday: Kids 1-3 years: 139,- Czk, Kids 3-15 years: 189czk, 3 siblings or more: 379czk;
Whole day Monday - Tuesday: Kids 1-3 years: 99,- Czk, Kids 3-15 years: 149czk, 3 siblings or more: 299czk
They do an hourly rate only during week days. Hourly rate varies from 59 to 99 czk depending on the age and weekday.

CONTACT: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), +420777060391