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How to rent a Piano in Prague

Useful Information on 14 June 2010 by Darina


Thanks to my neighbors from Bulgaria I discovered how to get a piano without having to buy it. The answer is by making a monthly rental payment of 500 to 800 CZK, depending on the model chosen. I can imagine this would be a solution for families with kids relocating to Prague especially when the kids take piano lessons. A new piano costs around 7.500 EUR and moving the family piano from UK or Australia - forget it!
Or, maybe you want to give your child a chance to try it out and see if they (and you!) like it.

There is just a little hiccup. If you are a foreigner you need a Czech citizen to ‘guarantee’ the return of the piano once the contract has ended. This isn’t a big deal, I recently guaranteed for our friends and it was straight forward, simple and carried no risk. If you are new in Czech Republic - ask a secretary from work or a colleague if they can help you out.


The best known rental group is the Czech Music Fund with branches in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Lanškroun and hires out grand and upright pianos. In Prague they are located on Radlicka street in Prague 5. You need to set up an appointment with them first. When you arrive there are 2 rooms with different pianos and you go around and choose the one you want. The basic price is 500 CZK per month. You can also hire high-end professional pianos, in that case you will obviously pay more.


After that you will be asked to fill out a contract right on the spot (in Czech) followed by the arrangement of transportation. Because the pianos are so fragile and professionally tuned before they are rented the company already have a contract in place with a removal company guaranteeing the safe delivery. A Piano needs 3 men to carry it safely as well as some special logging in the truck. Our friends payed 3000 CZK. Well, that isn’t cheap, but I guess you have no choice! You can go and look for your own transportation, although I am sure they will want to supervise it.


The Piano is then delivered to you within 3 working days. The instruments can be hired for several hours or for years.

A strong suggestion - choose the one which has volume regulation. It has a special pedal - which when pressed down cuts the volume to half. A practical thing I am telling you…the Bulgarian neighbors live right above us….

You can find more detailed information on piano hire here

OPEN: Monday to Thursday 09:00 to 16:00

ADDRESS: Radlicka 99, Prague 5

DIRECTIONS: It is in the lower part of Radlicka street, below the Swimming pool, on the corner of the street Pechlatova and Radlicka. It is in the building of a School. By Tram: number 7 to the tram stop: Skola Radlice (right in front of the school). By Metro: Yellow line B to Metro stop: Radlicka. Go down the main street or take no 7 tram one stop to :Skola Radlice. By Car: Limited car parking spaces, probably best to park behind the School. Drive into Pechlatova Street and go down. Look for parking spot close to the entrance of Radlicka Street.

CONTACT: +420 251 554 940 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)