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Luggage and Buggy Repairs, Prague

Useful Information on 20 February 2011 by Karen


Have you ever had your luggage, travel bags or your child’s stroller broken? Damaged wheels, locks, handles and more - I think that all of us have suffered this fate at one time or another. Even just a small breakage may often render that particular item completely unusable. Rather than throwing it out and buying a new one, why not save yourself lots of cash by simply having it fixed?

Several years ago the lock on our Samsonite suitcase got broken. It was not the fault of the airline, so we could not get any compensation from them but without having the lock fixed, the suitcase could not be used. So, I set about trying to find a place in Prague, which would be able to help me. After a fair amount of searching I came across this great little firm called Dolfi1921.

We don’t normally ‘plug’ businesses on Kids in Prague but because this is such a useful little service, this is a bit of an exception.

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Dolfi1921 started its operations in Prague about 7 years ago and takes on luggage which has been damaged during flight from more than 80 different airlines. They repair or replace damaged bags and luggage and also settle claims with various insurance companies. They are the official repair store for brands including Samsonite, Roncato and more.


The company is able to mend any type of luggage or bag item but can also help with the repair of dog cages, golf covers and buggies (basically, any item which can be checked-in for flying). As the GM of the firm, Mr. Zenter says, “almost everything can be fixed or replaced”.

The good news is that all of these services are also available to private individuals. You just need to take your item to their ‘offices’ in Holesovice during business hours, state that you’re a ‘private’ customer and within a few weeks, your item will come back fixed. English and several other languages are spoken, so you’ll definitely be able to communicate!


ADDRESS: Dolfi 1920 s.r.o., Jankovcova 53, Prague 7 Tel: + 420 234 602 702; Mobile: + 420 775 071 070; Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

OPEN: Mon-Thu: 9am-5pm; Fri: 90am-3pm; Sat & Sun: closed

DIRECTIONS: The easiest way to get here is by car. It is located in a a semi-residential/industrial area, just by the river Vltava. The closest main road is Argentinska. Free parking is available on the road opposite the warehouse where the repairs company is located. It will take you one minute to get inside but please note that private cars are not allowed past the boom gate. Metro: Red Line C, alighting at Nadrazi Holesovice. I’d recommend that you call a taxi to take you there and then to pick you up again (AAA Taxi have a good reputation and also speak English, tel: 14014). The cost of a one-way fare is about 100-150 CZK.