Kids in Prague

Petynka Outdoor Swimming Park, Prague 6

Swimming Activities on 22 July 2011 by Darina


So far for me and the boys this is the best outside swimming area in Prague and it’s easily reached by public transport or by car. Situated in Prague 6, Petynka is very close to the centre of Prague and opposite the well known Hotel Pyramida 4*. If you drive there and exit from the Strahovsky tunnel, you can see the blue water slides on the hill right in front of you.

We have been going there regularly because there is a very good area for children, it’s separated quite safely from the big swimming pool and comes with a water slide that is free to use. I dared to go there only with the assistance of our Nanny as I felt that both children should be individually supervised in the water, but once you sit in the small pool with more than one child, many mothers will help you out and keep an eye on all the kids.


There is a nice lawn everywhere with several trees on one side where you can shelter from the direct light with smaller children or whenever you feel like it, prams are also allowed into the centre so this is handy for small children who wish to sleep or rest. Last summer we would easily spend the whole day there, even though Nicolas was just 6 months and was Marcus 18 months. The water is clean and doesn’t smell of chlorine like in many other places. We spent most of the day in the paddling pool that has a depth of 20-50 cm of water, its surrounded by wooden benches where you can relax and watch the kids. Right in front of it there is a slide and swings where kids can warm up a bit, just like in a playground. You can just stroll in with a buggie, having no obsticles in the way. Everything is easy to reach and no stairs to climb.

Petynka swimming park was recently renovated and I find it clean and very satisfactory. The big pool has 50m and the water is heated to a minimum 24C. They even cater to people who are allergic to grass and have built a wooden resting area where you can lay down on your towel or rug. I find that very handy. You can hire umbrellas there as well.
It is open from May till the end of September, June-August from 07:00 till 21:00.
Parking might be a little bit difficult there, although they have opened an extra parking lot. It is free of charge and is not guarded. Once these parks are filled, you will have to search for parking at least 500m away from the swimming centre. I have always managed to find a park as we would arrive there in the morning around 11 or right after lunch.
There is a little bit of a mess when driving there now (summer 2008), since the main crossroad right in front of the swimming place is under reconstruction due to a new indoor swimming pool. I highly recommend that you do not drive there in peak hours like 8:30-10:30 and 16:30-18:00. You might get stuck in traffic for about 45-60 minutes. Everyone is trying to get to the tunnel and the whole place a bit of a mess mess. Because of this I would rather go by tram, as even the buses get stuck in the traffic.

Food and beverage establishments on site are clean with a wide range of snacks. You will find not only fries and hamburgers but also salads and draft beer. I have been told that by mid summer there will be many more kiosks and 2 Cocktail bars next to the big pool.

I found the employees very friendly and there wasn’t any problem when I came back on the same ticket later that same day when I had forgotten Nicolas’s formula and had to drive home and get it. This was one of the lucky days, when we forgot only the formula comparing to other days when I am usually missing half the things I meant to bring.

7:00 - 15:00 150 CZK pp
15:00 - 17:00 130 CZK pp
17:00 - 19:00 100 CZK pp
after 19:00 90 CZK
150 CZK in the morning for the whole day, every other hour might be cheaper*

(*The daily entrance fee changes through out the day and not even the cashiers understand this system. One confused girl tried to brief me but no matter how hard she tried I still didn’t understand their pricing system.Just be aware that you may pay anything from 100 CZK to 140 CZK. It doesn’t really make sense and there is no pattern to it but apparently it depends on the number of visitors they have in the complex. So, if you like swimming and gambling you will have two pleasures at the same time!)



ADRESS: Otevřená 1072/4, Praha 6 – Střešovice

OPEN: April – October 09:00 – 20:00,  November –March 10:00 – 18:00

DIRECTIONS: If you go by public transport: trams 15 and 25, to tram stop: Hládkov, buses: 108, 174, 180 and 217 bus stop: Na Petynce from Hradčanská metro station.